In January, Intellitix successfully deployed its RFID technology at Europe’s largest showcase and new music event, Eurosonic Noorderslag. More than 3,100 music industry professionals and 30,000 public ticket holders were able to scan in and out of venues, while delegates at the Eurosonic music conference were able to instantly receive selected panel content, and redeem free drinks at some events.

Using a mixture of 18 proprietary entrance portals, 100 handheld readers and custom-made touch points, the deployment involved a team of six technical staff working across 22 venues, laying over one kilometer of cabling in the process.

“All of us were hugely impressed by both the Intellitix system, and by the team. Their dedication, service level and what they achieved was outstanding,” says Ruud Berends of Eurosonic Noorderslag. “Every time I think about the services we’ll be able to offer delegates and public ticket buyers in the future, I have a huge smile on my face!”

The Intellitix RFID access control technology is part of a suite of new tools now available to event promoters which includes social media integration – allowing patrons to connect with new artists, check in, ‘like’ and enter competitions on Facebook or post on Twitter – and cashless payment systems, which radically reduce queues on site.

With the Intellitix system an opt in/opt out offering, delegates were able to anonymise their Dutchband wristbands, while the data gathered by Eurosonic Noorderslag will be used internally to improve programming and crowd control at the event.

“The access control technology is the starting point for many new ways that the festival experience can be enhanced, made more secure, made easier, and made more memorable for fans,” says Intellitix head Serge Grimaux. “Whether it’s connecting directly to new acts, finding out more about what’s on site, or not having to queue for the bar, RFID technology is building on the magic of the festival experience without detracting anything.”