Intellitix Road Case

RFID was a popular discussion topic at the recent UK Festival Conference, with dialogue on several of the scheduled panels revolving around the benefits the technology might bring the festival sector.

Intellitix head Serge Grimaux was invited as a guest speaker on a panel focussing on how to build the perfect festival. “You have to be an innovator,” he said. “Technology is bringing new sources of income and it’s starting to change the game… The more creative you are, the better chance you have.”

Grimaux outlined the RFID access control system that Intellitix had rolled out across North American events in 2011, and many of his fellow panelists agreed that such technology was poised to have a significant effect.

“The new technology coming in will greatly move it forward and improve it,” said Jim King of festival production company Loud Sound. Alex Brooke of concessionaire Peppermint Events concurred: “This could be a substantial jump in what we’re able to offer… The benefits are fantastic,” he said.

The conference, which took place at London’s Forum on 15 November, saw over 400 delegates attend in advance of the UK Festival Awards the same evening.