Intellitix partnered with the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games to integrate an effective RFID technology solution into their operation. “CrossFit came to us really with one primary goal—enhancing the spectator experience. They wanted to make everything about their experience easy, seamless, integrated, secure, and memorable,” explains Brennan Kerr, Intellitix’s Head of Sports. “The move from LA to Madison, WI was a big change for the fans, and the organizers really seized the opportunity to take the experience to the next level.”

Shrinking lines with RFID Technology

“The lines looked really long as we were getting up to it. But as soon as they opened the gates the efficiency of the wristband was so much better. Everyone was just cruising on through and you got to where you wanted to go right away,” said Chelsea, a CrossFit fan in Madison for the games. The organizers required that 10,000 tickets were going to be reserved inside the stadium, with 20,000 being GA. Intellitix printed the variable data (Section, Row, and Seat) on the back of the RFID technology and handled all of the fulfillment internally. We delivered the credentials via mail to fans a few weeks prior to the event, removing this burden from the organizers.

Vendors loved RFID

Our RFID technology was in action in the vendor village. Exhibitors were also able to focus on engaging their fans rather than filling out paperwork, resulting in the capturing of more lead information and a smoother experience for all.

“You don’t want to be intrusive when you’re communicating with somebody. You don’t want to pull them away from what they’re already doing,” explains Joe, an exhibitor from supplement manufacturer Coromega Max.

“In the past, it’s been really difficult for us to capture data,” Joe continues. “You’ve got a lot of potential customers coming in and they really love your product. But it’s hard to communicate with them after they’ve tried it. This is a simple way that they can stop by, you scan [the wristband] real quick and you’ve got all the data you need.”

“Using Intellitix’s system with the RFID technology readers, we have no doubt gotten more leads than we would have gotten otherwise,” says Luke, a rep for Fit Life Covered. “I think we scanned something like 600 people in 30-45 minutes. It was very smooth.”

CrossFit Games knew that having all fans connected via one platform allowed them to seriously leverage the RFID technology. This meant that they delivered an exciting customer ecosystem for their partners to tap into.

18+ sponsors and vendors deployed an RFID technology module and were able to capture customer data efficiently. This data synced directly to social media, and expanded the reach of the experiential activations they were deploying. This freed the vendors to spend more time explaining their products and forging meaningful interactions with their customers.

RFID offers rich data insights

By employing Intellitix’s platform, the Reebok CrossFit Games was also able to get a much richer insight into their operations. They also gained considerably more knowledge about who was actually attending their event.

Bolstering the bottom line through operational optimization and re-marketing with heightened precision is an added benefit to RFID access control systems.

“Our first year with the CrossFit Games was a huge success,” adds Brennan. “Our team is really excited to forge a deeper relationship with the games’ organizers. We have already started working internally on improving the experience for 2018.”