Intellitix Road Case

Intellitix’s Swedish debut will see festival attendees wearing ‘smart’ RFID wristbands during Way Out West festival, which kicks off in Gothenburg this week (Thursday 8 August).

Working with festival promoter Luger, Sony and Spotify, Intellitix’s RFID wristband technology will be experienced by tens of thousands of festival-goers, allowing them to link to their Facebook accounts; collect mementoes and free customized content from the event by using Intellitix’s one-touch, RFID stations; and also win prizes such as a Sony Xperia Z Tablet, Spotify premium subscriptions, and tickets for next year’s Way Out West.

By checking-in at the RFID stations before/after each performance, festival-goers will be able to build a free Spotify festival diary containing exclusive playlists for each artist they watched, along with images and bios. The Spotify diary is automatically sent each day via email, although those registering via Facebook can gain instant access.

In addition, festival-goers can visit a Way Out West photo booth where their photo can be instantly uploaded to their Facebook account.

The festival today issued a press release which stated: “At Way out West 2013 we will be saying goodbye to the festival wristbands of the past and ushering in the future by introducing RFID tags on our wristbands. Together with our partners Intellitix, Spotify and Sony Mobile we will seek to maximize the festival experience by providing interactive services and integration with social networking and Spotify.”