Sales Operations Manager

Sales done well is a mix of art and science.

The art involves developing an intimate understanding of your customer and the problems she faces.  It’s the approach you have when engaging in a conversation with a customer, and the nuanced way that you ask questions not because you’re trying to force your solution onto a customer, but because you are genuinely probing for problems that your solution can help her solve.  In our business we call it ‘Hugs not high fives’: unless we’re confident that you’re going to give us a bear hug at the end of the event, we’re going to tell you that we’re not a good fit.  Said another way: we either say “Hell yes”, or “No”.

The science of sales is equally as important.  The science is analyzing what is working in our sales process, what is hanging up the sales team.  It’s an intimate understanding of our conversion funnel, understanding where are deals getting stalled and why so that we can un-stick them.  Without the science of sales, scaling is difficult.  Just like a pilot has instruments to understand how an airplane is operating and why, a sales team needs the right dashboards, and KPIs to understand whether they are operating efficiently so they can close more deals.

Art without science, and a company hinders growth.  Science without art, and there is no connection to the customer.  There is no one without the other.

We’re looking for the science to our art.  A true partner of the global sales team, the Sales Operations Manager will assess the sales and marketing organization, understand and learn our business, and implement plans to make us better.

This may include:

  • Facilitate and drive the strategic planning and business planning process within Sales & Marketing
  • Establishing new key performance indicators (KPI’s) for the sales and marketing group;
  • Setting up a dashboard to track daily/weekly/quarterly progress toward company goals;
  • Pipeline and deal-level analysis to understand where we can get leverage;
  • Setting up a process to get feedback from the field to the product team;
  • Conducting analysis on the market, industry, competition and streamlining messaging, pricing;
  • Analyzing our deal making process and making improvements to improve conversion at every stage;
  • Establish a support structure for Sales & Marketing representing their interests within the entire organization;
  • Business process re-design and other quality improvement initiatives – but not just the theoretical part – the actual implementation and ongoing improvement thereof.


This person must be confident, but humble.  Bright and analytical.  Calm and calculated.  They must care about the details, and be willing to partner with each member of the sales organization to improve the process.  Above all else, this person must be a ‘doer’: someone who can execute a project fully to completion – not ship a plan to the boss waiting for someone else to act on it.

This person should have experience in a sales role in the past so that they can understand and appreciate the selling process, and have demonstrated success in a sales operations role for at least 3 years.  They should also have in depth experience with Microsoft Excel and customization experience within a Salesforce environment.

They should have at least a moderate interest in the live event space and be willing and ale to sit for long periods of time listening to live artists at events like Tomorrowland, Okechobee, and Boots and Hearts.  They should be willing to attend the Crossfit games, Comicon San Diego, and VidCon, and be able to tolerate working in a beautiful new office in downtown Toronto with a team of passionate builders and growers who want to change the live event industry (and maybe the world).

Though this is a loud industry we have plenty of successful introverts on our team.  We value diversity and make concerted efforts to be inclusive in our hiring.

If you’re not sure if this job is for you, it’s probably not.  If it’s not a “Hell yes”, it’s probably a “No”.   (Also, we sometimes swear but it’s because ‘normal’ words can’t encapsulate our passion and excitement.  Sorry if we offended anyone with this.  But if we did, we’re probably not for you.)


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