Intellitix Introduces New Event Platform

Toronto, Ontario - February 22, 2023 - Intellitix, a pioneer in event technology, today introduced its new platform, extending its industry-leading access control, ticketing, and cashless payments to more event producers through a mobile-first solution that includes both open-loop and closed-loop transactions. The new product, which allows events to use mobile devices and secure QR codes, also includes the evolution of Intellitix’s RFID-based solution used today by some of the world’s most iconic events, including Tomorrowland, ComicCon, Boots and Hearts, VidCon, The International (TI), and TO Food and Drink to name a few. 

“It used to be that only large-scale, multi-day events benefited from our platform and gold-standard services team. We are recognized for our scalability, security, service, and the robust data that event producers need to understand the actions of their attendees,” said Carlo Chiarello, President and CEO, Intellitix. “Today, Intellitix is bringing those benefits to events of all sizes, allowing event producers to maximize all touch points, improve every attendee experience, and increase on-site spending. Events using our new optional ticketing solution appreciate our low fees, and when event producers bring their own merchant account to the platform, funds go directly to them, eliminating the waiting period for funds to settle and reducing financial stress.”

An early pioneer in event technology, Intellitix has been recognized as a global leader in RFID access and cashless payments. Event organizers at some of the world’s most iconic live events have partnered with Intellitix to take advantage of the platform's capabilities to increase on-site spending, reduce fraudulent activity, and uncover insights to optimize operations. A core element of the new Intellitix platform is the robust data capabilities sought after by event producers. The new platform will continue to deliver new features and functionality every quarter focused on data insights to enable better decision-making.

“The event industry is facing a new set of challenges in the post-COVID era. With skyrocketing production costs, event organizers are looking for new ways to boost per-cap spending, reduce lineups, and secure transactions while managing overhead spending,” said Ryan Howes, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “The new Intellitix platform offers choice and flexibility around deployment options ranging from RFID wristbands to QR-code on a mobile device. This new platform allows us to support event producers of all sizes and continue to develop innovative solutions to build into it over time.”

The new Intellitix platform has a contemporary new user design and simplified experience making it easier to understand, use and deploy. It also provides opportunities for additional partnerships and extended capabilities through its API and mobile-first approach. With Intellitix, in an open-loop system, the guest’s contactless identity is tied to a credit or debit card and is charged in real-time. In a closed-loop system, the guest identity pre-loads funds onto their account in advance of an event and funds are topped up automatically when they run out. Offering this flexibility and choice to event producers in a contactless payment ecosystem is key to driving increased revenue per attendee.

“Regardless of the deployment chosen, event organizers will continue to benefit from an end-to-end ‘data’ profile of the guest journey, which helps drive greater insight and appropriate actions before, during, and after the event,” added Chiarello. “These insights can be used in real-time during the event from making decisions tied to optimizing queuing for improved throughput to crowd management and security. A more comprehensive view of guest activities and spending patterns also helps event organizers to make decisions geared towards improving their event year over year.”

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About Intellitix

For more than a decade, Toronto, Ontario-based Intellitix has provided RFID solutions for cashless payments, ticketing, and access control to the largest and most successful live events in the world. In January of 2020, Intellitix acquired a majority stake in CrowdBlink and commenced a series of product improvements and new product capabilities. Now, united under one brand, Intellitix offers an all-in-one event platform for cashless payments, access control, and ticketing. Combined with white glove services for customers who require a more tailored solution, Intellitix empowers event organizers to make better decisions and deliver unified guest experiences. We give event organizers insights, ownership, and transparency into their events through innovative solutions that drive profitability and growth. To learn more about Intellitix, please visit

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