We can all name our favorite concert when asked. The memories that stick with us of the music we heard, the friends we came with and the friends we made, and the t-shirt we might still even have in our closet, all remind us of what a truly great experience it was. And behind every amazing live event experience, are the organizers, staff, and vendors all working exceptionally hard to create that amazing experience each and every time they plan a live event. From ticketing to guest access to real-time data analysis, so much goes into enhancing the guest experience behind the scenes. Carlo Chiarello, CEO at Intellitix, and Ryan Howes, Live Music Event SME , spoke recently with Audience Republic about trends they are seeing and how tech platforms can create positive impacts on the guest experience and the bottom line. 


Here are four takeaways that Carlo and Ryan shared with Audience Republic:

Ticketing is shifting from access to control and data.

More than just an exchange of paper at the door or gate, ticketing has become a high tech function. Small to mid-sized venues don’t have to be left in the dark when it comes to accessing ticketing technology. All-in-one live event tech platforms should offer organizers of any size venue the ability to unify their ticketing, access, and even payments onto a central operating system. This gives organizers the control required to eliminate fraud as well as the self-service capability to directly change ticket pricing, update hours and dates on tickets if necessary, and even change quantities on tickets. In addition, organizers who typically can’t access ticketing revenue until after the event, when working with an all-in-one platform, can act as their own merchant. Ticket revenue would become available immediately to provide instant cashflow to event organizers.

Going cashless is increasing spending by up to 70%

When events transfer from “cash only” or ”cash and credit” to completely cashless, events see growth of 30-70% in onsite spending. Guests spend less time in lines, merchants reduce shrinkage that results from cash exchanging hands while reconciling sales faster, and data insights from cashless transactions can help organizers identify and market to the biggest on-site spenders, boosting revenue and driving retention. Cashless also gives organizers the opportunity to incorporate sponsors as part of the platform infrastructure. Varying levels of sponsorship would be possible, from visual branding on the wristband itself or as a  partnership opportunity with credit card companies that offer additional incentives if loading payment through their cards. 

Venue size doesn’t limit choice

Any event organizer will tell you that no two events are alike. All-in-one event tech platforms should offer organizers flexibility and choice when it comes to setting up ticketing, access control, and payment systems. Larger events might choose RFID technology for guests while smaller venues may choose the mobile option that can scan QR codes at the door. Or organizers can choose to incorporate both. Whatever the size of the venue or the choice of tech, combining everything into a single view unlocks valuable data and insights that can help organizers grow their events through understanding guest behavior and event cycles year over year. 

Let the music (and the data) move you

With the integrated dashboards and reporting  from an all-in-one event tech platform, organizers can improve operational efficiency and extend customer value beyond the event itself. While the event is taking place, data captured can provide real-time visibility into guests’ spending and movements, allowing organizers to manage access points, address security concerns, and make important staffing decisions. Post-event, organizers can analyze customer data to offer year-round incentives and promotions and stay connected with guests.

Organizers can grow their events and create those enduring memories for guests when they choose to boost their operations with an all-in-one event tech platform. Whether the event is hundreds of people or thousands, choosing a platform that provides organizers with the control they need, their choice of tech for ticketing and payments, and valuable, actionable analytics will ultimately enhance the guest experience and improve the bottom line. Carlo and Ryan’s work at Intellitix does that and more. To learn more about Intellitix, a platform for ticketing, access control, and cashless payments, brings RFID/NFC and QR Codes and mobile device technology to live events, upgrading the attendee experience and empowering organizers through providing valuable data analytics.