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In the current live event landscape, it has never been more essential for event organizers to increase event revenue streams outside of ticket sales alone. According to an article on, “considering that promoters only make 15% or less of their money from ticket sales, ancillary revenues from sources like parking, merchandise and concessions are critical. As in the rest of the live business, technology is changing the way fans spend money at concerts and, right now, tech is leading live entertainment towards cashless events”.

Learn how Cashless Payment, Experiential and Access Control can increase your event revenues through RFID technology.


EDC Orlando Cashless

Proven Increase of On-Site Revenue by 15-30% with RFID Technology

  • Fast digital transactions on a closed-loop Cashless Payment system means less time waiting in lines. This decreases the amount of drop-offs from impatient guests and gets the product in the hands of the consumer faster, when they want it!
  • Offering guests multiple and convenient ways to top-up their cashless account has proven to lift on-site spending, as patrons enter the event with the mindset to spend the amount pre-purchased.
  • Providing post-event refunds allows guests to spend freely as they please.
  • On-site promotional offers can be implemented at short notice, helping to generate additional income as required.
  • Roaming vendors can take Cashless Payments throughout the event site with handheld terminals, bringing products directly to consumers for more frequent purchases.

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Extend Sales to Post-Event Transactions

  • Analyze captured sales and customer data and identify key post-event sales opportunities to further engage consumers with relevant and targeted offers.
  • Sales opportunities may include pre-sale tickets to the next event, discounted merchandise and swag, new releases and related products, VIP experiences and travel packages, in-store promotional offers, service subscriptions, and much more.

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Wayhome Brand Activation

Grow Sponsorship Revenue and Enhance Brand Activations

  • Increase sponsorship value with high tech, RFID brand activation solutions to attract new and existing brand partners.
  • With social media integration, sponsors are able to create a lasting brand connection with consumers at the event, while extending brand digital reach and online impressions.
  • Sponsors gain unprecedented audience insight and measurable ROI with real-time reporting capabilities made possible with RFID technology.

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Future Music Festival

Eliminate Ticket Fraud and Increase Event Security

  • Increased security measures implemented with RFID technology force event-goers to purchase valid tickets to an event, boosting ticket sales for events that previously weren’t sold out due to large amounts of ticket fraud and passbacks with paper tickets or barcode technology.

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