Intellitix Road Case

Intellitix has powered the boldest Facebook check in ever… on an 85mph rollercoaster! Across the Labor Day weekend (1-3 Sept.), thrill seekers at multiple Six Flags theme parks in North America were able to link their Facebook profile to RFID wristbands. Just before the first drop on each ride, RFID checkpoints instantly posted to the riders’ timelines.

‘The Boldest Check in’ was staged to promote two new flavors of Wheat Thins, Spicy Buffalo and Zesty Salsa. The concept was developed for Kraft Foods by Intellitix, and ideas and communication agency AKQA. Thousands signed up across the weekend, and the first 100 riders to check in at each park received an exit pass to skip the line and ride again. On site, custom video commercials declared: “Finally, a check-in worthy of a check in.”

Six Flags Social Media“We had just four weeks to design and build the system, but working with our technology partners – FEIG Electronics for electornics and hardware, and Precision Dynamics Corp. for RFID wristbands – we were able to meet this extremely tight deadline. It was a significant challenge, but a great example of how Intellitix is able to deliver at such short notice,” says Intellitix US CEO Ross Hollman.

The promotion took place at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles (Goliath roller coaster), Six Flags Great America in Chicago (American Eagle) and Six Flags New England in Springfield, Mass. (Cyclone). “Six Flags were extremely supportive of the project, and allowed us to test the system in advance at La Ronde in Montreal,” Hollman says.