cashless payment system ‘Intellipay’ will be making its North American debut today at Squamish Valley Music Festival, which takes place 45 minutes north of Vancouver.Intellipay allows festival-goers to load credit onto their RFID wristbands upon their arrival at the site, using cash or cards, so that they can quickly make purchases in all the bars, drastically cutting down on queue times, leaving more time to watch bands and enjoy the festival environment.With all bar areas run exclusively using Intellipay, festivalgoers will be able to register their wristbands and logon to a secure profile to keep track of their spending, or request a refund of any remaining funds.At the bar, transaction times of less than one second will ensure that patrons get served quickly and easily, while Intellipay top-up points are located at convenient points throughout the site (including the campsite).The only thing Intellipay can’t speed up, however, is the queue for the toilets!Intellitix next generation cashless payment system launched at Open Road Festival in Hungary in June and has since improved the consumer experience at Stavern Festival and Slottsfjell in Norway.]]>

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