cashless payment system, introducing Daisy Dollars.An estimated 60,000+ people headed to Orlando’s Tinker Field for the fourth annual EDC Orlando. The two-day musical extravaganza featured over 60 DJs, carnival rides, walkabout performers and some truly stunning stage and set designs.EDC Orlando marked the first of the Insomniac family to go 100% cashless across the entire site– every vendor, every item, every transaction.The whole deployment consisted of 140 stationary Point of Sales (POS) systems and an additional 30 mobile POS terminals to allow EDC’s ‘hawkers’ – roaming vendors – to sell beer and water to the crowds whilst on the move.The RFID wristbands also served as the ticket to the event, granting entry and exit. A simple tap of your wristband and voila! Entry + payment = sorted.EDC Access Control EDC Orlando EDC Orlando Cashless EDC Orlando EDC Orlando]]>

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