How to Eliminate Ticket Fraud With RFID Access Control

Did you know that 80 percent of concert attendees feel ripped off by scalpers? Or that 52 percent of people feel like it’s difficult to discern between resale platforms and authorized primary sale sites? Or that ticket fraud costs fans millions of dollars in losses? 

Whether you’re hosting a trade show, festival, or a large conference, your event is at risk for ticket fraud. However, with RFID access control technology you can put an end to fraudulent ticketing behaviors, eliminating the risk to your event’s ROI and for your attendees. 

We’ve created this guide to help you understand how using an RFID access control system can help you eliminate ticket fraud across all stages of your event. Check it out.

What is RFID Access Control?

RFID, a chip technology located inside wristbands or badges at events, is used to verify a person’s credentials and monitor their behavior during your event. When implemented into your event’s access control system, RFID technology can secure check-in and eliminate ticket fraud by validating an attendee’s identity and access rights.

Control Ticket Reselling & Copying

Do you want to prevent photocopied, scalped, and passback tickets at your events? By using RFID wearables, you can stop ticket fraud. 

Not only do RFID wearables have unique chip identifiers that cannot be copied, but the wearables are also linked to an attendee’s account and specific registration information. By scanning the RFID wearable, a staff member can see the ticket’s originality and verify if the attendee is the person who registered for the event and ensures that the wristband is only used one time for an event entrance. 

However, because ticket swaps are a reality of events (e.g. an attendee gets sick and cannot come), planners can allow for ticket swaps. If the original buyer gives his or her RFID wearable ticket to another individual, the RFID access control system will receive an update. 

Control Event Entry

Gone are the days of long onsite registration lines and fears of ticket fraud. With pre-event registration, attendees can register for your event online and have their RFID wristband mailed directly to their homes before your event. Not only does this provide an opportunity to increase sponsorship revenue and collect more attendee data, but pre-registering your attendees also helps you diminish ticket fraud since the wristband will be pre-verified with their information. 

With advanced badge fulfillment, your attendees can scan simply scan their wearable onsite and within 1/10th of a second, their identity will be verified and their entrance permitted or denied. 

Ensuring that your event entrance is secure will not only protect attendees against outside threats but also protect the event’s ROI by eliminating ticket fraud.

Protect VIP Areas

Based on attendee types defined during registration, planners can use RFID technology at their events to monitor and protect access to restricted areas (e.g. VIP zones, staff areas, press areas, backstage, etc).

No matter what area you are limiting, RFID technology will help you ensure that only the people who paid to be in those areas will get in. By implementing RFID technology into your event, your event staff will no longer have to closely monitor attempts to restricted areas, which will decrease onsite staff costs and allow the security staff to focus on other threats.

Flag Suspicious Behavior

Whether it’s non-ticketed guests trying to enter into your event or attendees trying to enter restricted areas, you can use an RFID access control system to track and notify staff of these individuals.

You can set the notifications to let you know when people try to access your event or a restricted area more than one time, three times, ten times, etc. RFID access control technology allows you to flag suspicious behavior like this so you can confront and stop potential ticket fraud at your event.


At one event, Intelliex’s RFID access control system stopped 7,028 unauthorized entries. But as you learned, ticket fraud is more than people entering your event with fake tickets. Event ticket fraud is also about GA ticket holders sneaking into VIP areas, or scalpers reselling your tickets at a spiked price.

By using Intellitix’s access control system, you can eliminate the risk of all types of ticket fraud at your event.

Do you want to stop ticket fraud at your event? Get in touch with us or download our free guide to how event organizers can use RFID access control.

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