10 Popular RFID Brand Activation Ideas for Sporting Events

How to make better brand activations for sporting events?

RFID Experiential initiatives open up a world of opportunities bridging digital technology and real-life experiences, providing engaging ways to bring sponsors and fans closer than ever before. With social media integration, organizers and sponsors are able to extend their brand reach past the event itself, creating lasting digital impressions.

The biggest benefit of RFID technology is the wealth of data collected on the platform including engagement levels tied to audience demographic information reported in real-time on custom dashboards. Armed with rich audience insight and measurable ROI, organizers and sponsors can take their fan engagement to the next level with targeted post-event brand content.

Looking for inspiration? Here are 10 popular RFID brand activations for sporting events deployed with Intellitix’s event technology platform.

Gamification and Social Media Posting

Sporting events are perfect for encouraging gameplay. At the UEFA Champions Festival, over 30,000 football fans registered custom RFID cards to take part in a host of sports simulations and skill stations.

Photos were taken throughout the event and automatically posted on the patron’s social media accounts, leading to huge engagement levels with sponsors and football fans. Intellitix enabled 85,000 on-site RFID interactions and over 45 million page impressions online.

Live Leaderboards

Standard Life Investments elevated fan interaction with live leaderboards displayed around the Gleaneagles golf course at The Ryder Cup, prompting patrons to take part in a variety of on-site activities, collecting points to compete for prizes. Guests tapped their RFID wristbands to check their ranking and completion status.

Team Support Walls

Ryder Cup High Five

Fans tapped their wristbands to virtually “high-five” the team of their choice at The Ryder Cup. Upon showing their support, a message was automatically shared on the on-site leaderboard and personal social media accounts. Support walls also engage fans in predicting the outcome of the game.

Contests & Instant Giveaways

Creating an instant buzz at the event and a fan favorite, guests tap their wristband to opt-in to receive further information and communication from the sponsor for the chance to win instant prizes. Brands including Ford, Reebok, and Joe Fresh have built their fanbase at events with giveaways.

Fan Quiz/Survey

Guests are enticed to provide feedback via quizzes and surveys in return for a promotional offer or competition entry. At The Greenbrier Classic, guests registered their RFID wristband and completed a survey providing their vehicle preferences and purchasing decision factors in return for a chance to win a Ford vehicle. Surveys are a great way to obtain valuable audience insight while rewarding guests and promoting brands.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts allow brands to interact with guests through a series of RFID touchpoints throughout the event site, enticing patrons to connect at each station by offering prize giveaways to those who have completed the entire brand journey.

Test Drives

What better way to showcase the brilliance of a product than by letting consumers experience it firsthand. BMW utilized RFID technology to generate branded touch-stations next to its sports vehicles, whereby patrons could tap their wristband to arrange a test drive and share it on Facebook.

VIP Cashless Lounge

VIP Cashless lounge brand activation at sporting events

VIP lounges are a great way for sponsors to provide their members (such as credit cardholders, subscribers, insurance customers, etc.) or event attendees with special privileges. Integrating RFID technology to enable Cashless Payments makes this experience all the more special and high tech.

Taste Lists / Sampling Lists

Upon receiving a product sample or ordering food and drinks, guests tap their RFID wristband to opt-in to relevant email offers and a summary recap list of items sampled at the event. This extends the longevity of product sampling, driving further in-store and online purchases while giving sponsors a tangible way to measure ROI.

Photo Booth

Photobooth brand activation at sporting events

A fantastic way to provide fans with branded event mementos and lasting digital memories are photo booth stations enabled with RFID. Fans are able to take selfies and show their support for their favorite athlete, team, mascot, or brand with custom image frames posted on their social media accounts. RFID Experiential solutions are making waves across festivals and live events. For sporting events, RFID offers a hole-in-one for organizers, sponsors, and fans, ensuring a highly interactive and connected experience with impactful digital reach.

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