The Importance of Sourcing Specialists in the Live Event Business

LAIRD WILTON, Chief Revenue Officer, Marcato

The challenge for organizers is that modern festivals are logistical beasts! To stage a festival, there are an incredible amount of details to manage in order to deliver a safe, convenient and fun event. Event Specialists that have gained their experience in “the trenches” bring huge value to the festival organization. Their wisdom and experience help avoid major problems and are one of the key resources a festival organizer can access to help take the fan experience to the next level!

JEFF KREINIK, Head of Festivals, Ticketfly

By partnering with other best-in-class companies, we can focus on what we do best: building the most reliable, easy-to-use, and innovative ticketing system in the industry. Because we’re wholly devoted to our specialty, we can dive deep; for example, expanding our ticketing technology to include sophisticated digital marketing, analytics, and talent buying tools — everything you need to sell more tickets, all in one place. Plus, our support reps know our product like the back of their hands, and are never caught with a question they can’t answer or a scenario they can’t handle. Every asset of event organizing is terrifically complex. To guarantee a successful and smooth event for everyone involved, I always recommend venues and promoters find specialists in each area to work with.

STEVE DALY, President, ID&C Wristbands

We’ve invested over 20 years inventing and developing credential products. We know all the questions an event organizer should be asking to get the best value and solution for the RFID credential and we make sure those questions get answered whether they are asked or not. That’s important to a successful implementation. ID&C is not in the business to close individual deals, ID&C is here to be the best global RFID credential brand and our values are aligned to that. We have a stake in a successful implementation as much as the ticketing company, the RFID company and the event organizer.

DREW BURCHFIELD, Co-Founder, Aloompa

Event technology is changing so often and with the competitive landscape growing for events, having true partners who are the best at their game and care deeply about your overall success as much as they care about theirs is key. When you choose a specialist with these traits, they, by nature, will help you see things you can’t see, and push you down paths that will ultimately make your attendee experience and festival better overall.

ERIC JANSSEN, Chief Revenue Officer, Intellitix

As no two events are identical, don’t limit your event to a less advanced technology platform that can’t accommodate the nuances of your unique event. Through our RFID deployments across hundreds of live events, we pride ourselves on the breadth of experience gained from partnering with events of all types, sizes, audiences and geographical markets. From equipping event organizers with best practices, to tackling challenges on-site as they arise, our operational team delivers unmatched expertise.

Event organizers benefit immensely from partnering with companies specialized in their field of expertise and understand their business well. Specialized service providers continue to innovate with new product development and advanced system features that add value to you and your stakeholders, while offering powerful data insight to improve your event processes. Get the best solution and dedicated level of service from event specialists who are just as invested in the success of your event as you are.]

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