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How Intellitix enabled T.O. Food & Drink Fest to operate as a 100% cashless tap-and-pay experience

T.O. Food & Drink Fest brings a massive, immersive foodie experience to the heart of Toronto. During its three days of operation, it becomes a direct link between hundreds of vendors and their customers. Thousands of food and drink-loving Canadians enjoy a high-energy, party-like atmosphere. At the same time, they sample the delicious fare, watch local celebrity chefs in action, and learn about the latest entertainment trends. In 2022, T.O. Food & Drink Fest producers, National Event Management, wanted to ensure the event had a carefree, celebratory atmosphere and ensure the 12,000 attendees were engaged and moving through the space.  ...

Niche Food Festivals That Have Cornered Their Market

The recent trend of boutique music festivals popping up all over North America may be taking the headlines, but in the world of food and drinks festivals, boutique has been the name of the game for many a year. Niche food festivals range from quaint country affairs to big-money enterprises. Gimmicky and quirky as they may often be, niche food festivals offer a lot of insight into the power of market segmentation, owning your niche, and how to tap into community heritage. For example: Who knew that thousands of people would flock to a five-day festival where the biggest name ...
Intellitix EPS Awards

Intellitix Scooped "Best Technology Provider" at Event Production Awards

Snowbombing, Tomorrowland, Carolina Country Music Fest and WayHome Festival. Last year Intellitix launched the InstaBand - instant, on-demand thermal printing of RFID wristbands for box office operations and fixed-seating environments. The IntelliPad also made its debut across various festivals last year, providing a hardware solution for smaller cashless events that reduces build-up time and saves on infrastructure costs. Gareth Deakin, UK Director of New Business at Intellitix commented: “We are thrilled to have been awarded 'Best Technology Provider' at this year’s Event Production Awards and this win is a true reflection of the hard work by the Intellitix team. This ...
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