Depending on your event or festival, Smartphones or RFID wristbands might be better suited to your needs. Here are some of the things you should consider:


When you use smartphones for cashless payments, patrons must have their smartphones on their person at all times on festival grounds and ensure they are charged. Compared to this, RFID does not require smartphones or power to be used. Lost or stolen wristbands can be deactivated immediately and patrons are reissued a new one with their unique account ID information transferred to the new wristband. Charging Stations should be considered for all-day or multi-day events when using smartphones. With all the photo-taking, video-recording, and social media interactions guests will use their smartphones for, their phone batteries are likely to deplete quickly.

Tracking and Reporting

If you want insight into your patrons' spending make sure you look into what your platform offers. If you're considering using a standard retail POS which is taking payments from credit cards or mobile payments you may be limited in what information may be available to you. This ultimately affects transparency in vendor reconciliation and the bottom line for event organizers. With our Event POS system, event organizers have complete control and transparency of all on-site transactions for vendor reconciliation. In addition to that, we give you access to a wealth of guest spending and data for invaluable insight.

Speed vs Cost

How big is your event? The bigger your event the more you need to plan for logistics and speed. Giving your patrons RFID wristbands is the best way to eliminate long lines and speed of transactions. Having patrons use our application on their smartphones will save on wristband purchases and wristband logistics. We have the right solutions and over 10 years of expertise to help you make the best decision.