JULY 2012 Historic performance of Roger Waters – The Wall to promote Amnesty International via Innovative Social Media Technology. Quebec City concert audience to kickstart first-ever Facebook campaign using RFID technology.  Attendees to spread special Amnesty message online together with Roger Waters’ team.    Longtime Amnesty International supporter Roger Waters will make history with his upcoming Roger Waters – The Wall tour finale. Set for July 21st at Québec City’s famed plaines d’Abraham, the momentous production will see the construction of Waters’ biggest wall to date – over 800 feet across, with a groundbreaking surround-sound system, as well as additional lighting and pyrotechnics. What’s more, the epic event will utilize innovative Intellitix RFID technology to promote Amnesty International with what is expected to become a viral online campaign of consciousness. RFID wristbands will be used by attendees to gain entry to the concert and to link their Facebook accounts to their wristbands. This process will allow them to post a very special message from Amnesty International and Roger Waters during the concert. With more than 70,000 fans expected to attend the Québec City performance of Roger Waters – The Wall, organizers predict the message will spread across the globe, raising awareness of Amnesty’s 50-year battle for human rights. Since its debut in 1979, The Wall has warned audiences of the dark dangers of institutional power and authoritarianism wherever they may exist, from family and schools to celebrity culture and government. The current production has proven the enduring work’s most acclaimed and innovative production to date, earning a 2012 Pollstar Concert Industry Award for “Most Creative Stage Production.” The Québec City performance, presented by 3E event-experience-emotion, will mark Waters’ second biggest outdoor production of The Wall, following his legendary 1990 concert in Berlin celebrating the reunification of Germany. About Amnesty International: Amnesty International’s mission is to draw attention to human rights abuses while also campaigning for compliance with international laws and standards. As one of the world’s most important non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Amnesty International works to mobilize public opinion and exert pressure on governments that perpetuate abuses. In 1977, Amnesty International was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for “having contributed to securing the ground for freedom, for justice, and thereby also for peace in the world.” The following year saw the organization receive with the UN Human Rights Prize, honoring its “outstanding contributions in the field of human rights.” The past year has seen Amnesty International celebrating its extraordinary five-decade history with a range of global actions focusing on the death penalty, freedom of expression, reproductive rights, international justice and stopping corporate abuse. With offices in more than 80 countries around the world, AI takes up human rights issues through letter writing, online and offline campaigning, demonstrations, vigils, and direct lobbying of those with power and influence. Locally, nationally and globally, Amnesty International members and activists join together to mobilize public pressure and show international solidarity. For more information, please visit www.amnistie.ca]]>