Intellitix Road Case

This weekend sees five Intellitix-powered events take place across three continents including debut festivals in Australia and Spain.

Kicking things off in the US is K Days which takes place 19-28 July in Edmonton, and promises exhilarating fairground rides, shopping malls, colourful parades, contests, food halls, theatrical extravaganzas, exuberant firework displays and plenty of musical talent taking to the stage; making K Days a unique experience aimed at the entire family, young and old alike.

To enable the young and the old (and the inbetweeners) to gain quick and easy access to the site, Intellitix is providing full access control throughout the event via its innovative RFID wristband technology.

Each wristband, once activated, will allow its wearer to travel seamlessly between zones, cutting out queue-times whilst increasing security, freeing up staff and allowing the event’s organisers to have full control, eliminate fraud, save money and improve their customers’ experience.

Intellitix’s custom-built access control portals can register 2,000 RFID wristbands per hour!