Although RFID wristbands have become commonplace at large events, like conferences, concerts, and exhibitions, this technology can also be beneficial for smaller events and venues. 

However, since deploying RFID technology tends to be expensive, small event planners with smaller budgets may be more hesitant to spend part of their budget on RFID wristbands than large event planners. However, thanks to developments and enhancements in technology, like the creation of RFID wristbands, RFID technology costs have gone down. 

Discover the top 5 benefits of integrating RFID wristbands into your next event. 

What is an RFID Wristband?

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology is a tiny chip that holds unique ticket information or information about an attendee. This chip can be placed inside a wearable, like a wristband, which is called an RFID wristband. RFID wristbands can be used as an attendee’s event ticket, VIP pass, payment processor during an event, and much more.

5 Ways RFID Wristbands Benefit Small Events

1. Secure ROI By Selling More Tickets

Smaller event planners are perhaps even more concerned with selling event tickets to secure event ROI. In order to sell event tickets, planners need to drive visitors to their registration sites. That’s where RFID wristbands, and more specifically RFID wristband data, comes in. 

Planners can extract and utilize past event attendee RFID data, like what the most popular session of last year’s event was or what past attendees want from future events. This data can then be used to create tailored marketing messages to segmented audiences. By creating more relevant and more personalized marketing strategies, attendees may be more likely to visit your registration site and purchase event tickets. 

In addition to tailored messaging based on past data, past RFID attendee wristband data can also help planners design the layout of their small event. For instance, their RFID data can answer questions like: How many exits and entrances do you need?; How many foods and drink vendors?; How many sessions and seats?; and more. These answers can help planners create a more visually aesthetic and more functional layout, which can be teased and marketed to their potential audience to drive ticket sales. 

Collecting and integrating RFID attendee wristband data from past events is essential to successfully marketing and securing ROI for your small event.

2. Increase Attendee Satisfaction By Speeding Up Entry

In addition to driving ticket sales, RFID can also increase attendees’ event satisfaction by speeding up entry and exit to your event.

With 58 percent of event attendees reporting long lines as their biggest event frustration, ensuring that your event is not crowded with long lines is essential to maintaining positive attendee event satisfaction. With RFID wristbands, attendees can simply tap a small self-service kiosk and check into your event, exit your event, or get access to their VIP area. 

Not only will RFID technology help eliminate long lines at your event, but it will also increase your attendees’ event satisfaction and collect invaluable event information (e.g. time of check-in, number of entries and exits, etc) that can be used to improve future events.

3. Prevent Scalping & Ticket Fraud

Small event planners cannot afford for attendees to be sneaking into their event, copying tickets, or doing passbacks during event check-in. However, if you implement RFID wristbands into your next event, you can stop ticket fraud. How? Because RFID wristbands have unique chip identifies that cannot be copied and are directly linked to an attendee’s registration account. So not only do RFID wristbands prevent ticket copying, but they also ensure that the ticket is used only once for an event entrance. 

With RFID wristbands, you can increase the security of your ticketing process and overall event, while saving your attendees from millions of dollars in losses from ticket fraud.

4. Increase Attendee Satisfaction & Spending

To further increase your small event’s revenue, without breaking your budget, you can increase attendee satisfaction and spend through RFID wristband cashless payment technology. Attendees no longer have to stand in long lines to purchase merchandise, food, or drinks.

Instead, with RFID wristband cashless payment technology attendees can simply tap their RFID wristband, which is linked to their credit card, bank card, or vouchers during online registration, and walk away with their purchase. Integrating this technology has proven to reduce attendees’ transaction time from 90 seconds to 15 seconds, diminishing long lines and increasing attendee’s overall event satisfaction. Increase your event’s overall revenue by 46 to 87 percent by implementing RFID wristband cashless payment technology.

5. Increase Event Exposure with Social Media

Chances are if you’re hosting a smaller event, you have a smaller budget, which means you have a smaller marketing budget than medium to large size events. But don’t fear! With RFID wristband technology you can utilize your attendees and the power of social media to generate buzz around your event without spending a big chunk of your budget. Planners can set up photo opportunities around their event, like engaging background, photo booths, and social media check-in stations to engage attendees’ senses. These areas can be RFID enabled, meaning attendees’ have to tap their wristband on the photo station to share their pictures on social media and have them printed out. 

With 91 percent of event fans preferring to hear about event news on social media, RFID enabled social media check-in or photo-sharing stations are an easy way to help your event reach a wider audience.

There are endless possibilities for integrating your RFID wristbands at your next small event. Intellitix has helped over 3,000 events of all sizes use RFID technology to increase event revenue, increase attendee engagement, and collect data to improve their future events.

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