You can achieve a lot with Intellitix

There are a lot of reasons to use Intellitix, but usually our clients come to us with one or two top priorities. What’s your top priority?

Stamp out ticket fraud

Our access credentials are impossible to forge or duplicate. The best have tried and failed.

Increase revenue

Boost your transaction potential 6x by cutting transaction times from ~90 seconds to ~15 seconds.

Reconcile accurately

Track every purchase made so you can assign vendor splits properly.

Get people in quicker

A single Access Control portal can process 2,500 entries per hour, significantly reducing wait times.

More valuable sponsorship

Offer robust guest data as a value-add: what people did, where they went, when they bought and from who.

Collect more data

Use the data you collect to identify gaps and opportunities for future events.

Enhance the guest experience

Create a seamless guest experience that separates your event from the rest.

Secure your event

Protect access to certain or all areas to only the people that should be inside.

Manage vendors transparently

Have full line-of-sight on every dollar your guests spend and into vendor sales.