Use Cases

VIP Events

Whether you are protecting important information, products, areas, or people, the Intellitix system gives you the ability to truly secure your event perimeter and make sure only the right people, get in to the right place, at the right time.

Secure your high profile event

Why Use Intellitix At Your Next Event?

Famous sporting events, high value corporate meetings, ultra-VIP, and high-risk events all use Intellitix to secure their event when they absolutely, cannot risk any unwelcome guests.

See real-time reporting on attendance, sales, brand engagement, and more.

Discrete and unobtrusive credential validation

Control access to multiple zones inside the event

Flag suspicious behaviour

Make your security team more effective

Forgery-proof credentials

Secure Your Event

Intellitix Access Control system makes sure that only valid credential holders can enter any area. Our forgery-proof credentials mean that your security doesn’t have to memorize which color credential is valid for which areas or days. Instead security focuses on what they do best: observing people for suspicious behaviour and making sure no contraband gets inside, while the machines handle credential validity. We’ve caught some famous gate crashes.

Strictly Control Sensitive Areas

With our Access Control system, you can create fine-grained control about who is allowed to access certain areas, and even place limits on how many times they may enter, or even dictate specific times they’re allowed. This allows you to take greater control of who is allowed to be in sensitive areas.

Know Exactly Who Is Coming In

You can enforce things like “mandatory registration” for your Intellitix credential so that you know exactly who is carrying a credential. You can also use a credential that can’t be removed without destroying it to prevent the unauthorized transfer of credentials to somebody else. Take uncertainty out of the equation.

Cashless Payments reporting

Video Case Study

Republic Live

Hear firsthand from the makers of WayHome Music & Arts Festival, and the largest country music camping festival in Canada, Boots and Hearts Music Festival. Watch how 80,000+ guest experiences were enhanced with RFID Access Control and Cashless Payment solutions. Watch now!

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