custom-built click stations throughout the festival site. Thousands of music fans used their RFID wristbands in order to take advantage of Intellitix’s state-of-the-art technology, which enabled them to share their experiences online in an instant and download set lists of their favourite performers directly from Spotify. Intellitix also provided access control for the entire event’s site meaning that with the same RFID wristbands both staff and attendees could come, go and generally move about the entire site easily and rapidly. This was the first year that Coachella required patrons to create individual profiles on their website prior to arriving at the festival. Meaning that the organizers now have a ‘snapshot’ of each individual’s preferences, location, age, gender etc, which has obvious benefits from a marketing and event planning point of view. 184 artists and bands featured in the line-up including Queens of the Stoneage, Diplo, Motorhead, Lorde, Mogwai, Beck and Neutral Milk Hotel. With surprise appearances from Beyonce and Justin Bieber. Tickets to the 2014 outing sold in under three hours. “Coachella is a festival that is always at the forefront of technology,” says CEO of Intellitix and ticketing veteran, Serge Grimaux. “In the four years we’ve been supplying RFID to Coachella, we’ve always experienced phenomenal success and the response again this year, has been fantastic.”]]>