cashless payment system was showcased throughout the weekend from a booth located in the ILMC’s Internet Cafe also known as Pollstar’s High Wire Cafe. The first official conference day concluded with a Dutch Impact showcase featuring four hot Dutch bands and a silent disco. Intellitix facilitated cashless payment for drinks, with all guests receiving a pre-loaded RFID wristband on entry. This kept the bar moving smoothly and efficiently. The following day, business began in earnest as an artist ticketing discussion took place in the main-room of the conference that looked at the emerging and future trends in the sector. Flanked by innovators and major ticketers from across the globe, chair Intellitix CEO Serge Grimaux drove an incisive discussion, taking ticketing companies to task and asking what we can expect from the innovators in the sector over the next 24-48 months. Proving that you can’t keep a good Swiss man down, later that afternoon, Serge once again took to the floor, this time presenting the features of Intellipay and the appeal of Intellitix Zero at the ‘Future Technologies’ panel. Innovators looked to technologies that will shape the future of the industry, from the impact of Google Glasses, ticketing technology, cashless payments, brand activation tools, carbon-saving gadgets and ground-breaking security systems. Serge Grimaux chaired a panel that discussed the future of ticketing at ILMC. The session, “Ticketing: The Futures Market” took place on Saturday 8 March and discussed the change of pace the ticketing market has seen over recent years as technological progress has brought ticketing kicking and screaming into the modern age. With ticketing the fastest growth area in the business, key areas that were discussed included artist ticketing along with emerging trends and future trends in the sector.]]>