Intellitix Road Case

The fifth edition of Low Cost Festival, which takes place in the tourist haven of Benidorm in southern Spain will see the likes of Portishead, Two Door Cinema Club, !!!, Crystal Castles, Fangoria, Glasvegas and Love of Lesbian grace its stages.

Intellitix will ensure that those attending the festival will not only benefit from near-instant access via their RFID wristbands (no queuing in 30-degree sunshine wearing factor 50 and cradling a warm beer for these chicos); but thanks to Intellitix brand activation technology, they can also instantly upload their photographs and update their statuses directly to Facebook using custom-built photo booths and Live Click Stations conveniently dotted about the place.

Benefits of brand activation include: instant digital connection between event organizers and event goers; detailed analytical reports and feedback; exciting ways to engage customers; the ability to reach new audiences (via the social media ripple effect); and a deeper insight into the audience.