How to Create Safer Events with Crowd Management

By Hannah Weiner July 11, 2019
Crowd management is, in essence, about the health and safety of everyone at the event. Stuffed audiences, disorganized crowd movement, and long wait times for…

Masterclass: Unified Command’s Chad Ladov on Improving Your Live Event Surveillance

By Milan Malivuk January 7, 2018
Event surveillance should be near the top of every organizers priority list, and having that ubiquitous perspective is essential for managing any mass gathering nowadays. It’s…

5 Things We Absolutely Loved About Atlanta's Dragon Con

By Milan Malivuk September 4, 2017
-- By Ross Gardiner, Contributor -- Now in its 31st year, Dragon Con in Atlanta is one of the premiere geek, sci-fi and fantasy culture…

5 Ways Lightning in a Bottle is Leading the Way for Sustainable Festivals

By Milan Malivuk June 2, 2017
Last weekend in central California, Lightning in a Bottle undertook its 12th edition. With approximately 20,000 people attending every year, LIB has become the centerpoint…

MASTERCLASS: Decibel Founder Sean Horton on How to Throw an Inner City Festival

By Milan Malivuk April 7, 2017
Running a festival in a city is an entirely different beast than taking over a field in a rural area. The number of potential obstacles—ranging…

Ibiza's Fiesta de la Primavera Deploys Intellitix's Access Control and Cashless Systems

By Milan Malivuk March 20, 2017
Fiesta de la Primavera is a celebration of spring that includes more than 15 live music performances, gastronomic workshops, art exhibitions, holistic workshops, food and…
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