11 Best Live Streaming Apps for Events in 2020

By Matas Pranckevicius February 20, 2020
Whether you’re streaming music festivals, conventions, sporting events, or other types of events, streams have become a popular add-on at events in recent years. Why?…

NFC vs. RFID: Understanding The Differences

By Matas Pranckevicius January 16, 2020
You may have just learned about NFC vs. RFID solutions, may be trying to decide which one is better for your event, or want to…

5 Ways to Overcome Fears of RFID Technology

By Tom Kacicki December 19, 2019
With all the technology advertised to manage and enhance today’s events, event planning in 2019 has only grown more complex. One of the most talked-about…

So What Exactly is RFID Technology?

By Malik Anderson December 12, 2019
Cashless payments aren’t the way of the future, it’s already here. In fact, RFID cashless payments are the bread and butter of Intellitix. Going cashless…

5 Festival Tech Trends That Are Reshaping the Industry

By Tom Kacicki December 11, 2019
Drones - If you told us ten years ago that seeing unmanned camera helicopters on a daily basis would be a tech trend that became…

Why RFID Wristbands Are Integral for Small Events

By Tom Kacicki December 5, 2019
Although RFID wristbands have become commonplace at large events, like conferences, concerts, and exhibitions, this technology can also be beneficial for smaller events and venues. …

Want an Engaging Event? Start with Audiovisuals

By Malik Anderson November 26, 2019
Audiovisuals is one of those things that isn’t fully appreciated until it’s gone. That isn’t to say that it’s overlooked, but that it’s tough to…

How to Eliminate Ticket Fraud With RFID Access Control

By Tom Kacicki November 23, 2019
Did you know that 80 percent of concert attendees feel ripped off by scalpers? Or that 52 percent of people feel like it's difficult to…

10 Popular RFID Brand Activation Ideas for Sporting Events

By Tom Kacicki November 18, 2019
How to make better brand activations for sporting events? RFID Experiential initiatives open up a world of opportunities bridging digital technology and real-life experiences, providing engaging…

7 Reasons Why Food and Drink Events Need Cashless Payments

By Tom Kacicki November 14, 2019
Nearly 5 out of 10 millennials now refer to themselves as “foodies” It’s no surprise that food and drink events are becoming increasingly more popular…
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