Umbel’s Dave Cedrone Tells You What To Do With All That Data

By Milan Malivuk May 19, 2017
Remember all that data that you’ve got in those .xlsx files, laying in a sad, discarded heap in a Dropbox folder somewhere? You were hit…

Aloompa Co-Founder Drew Burchfield Explains the Real Reasons Why Festivals Should Have Apps

By Milan Malivuk May 11, 2017
Aloompa is blazing this trail. Founded in 2009 by young entrepreneurs Drew Burchfield, Kurt Nelson, and Tyler Seymour, Aloompa was developed in reaction to the…

4 Overlooked Advantages Vendors Should Really Know About Cashless Payments + VIDEO

By Milan Malivuk April 13, 2017
No Messy Transaction Cancellations Mean You Make What You Sell In the past, it was possible for credit card transactions to be made on site…

You’re Only As Good As Your Last Event: A Guide to Measuring and Tracking Results

By Milan Malivuk March 27, 2017
"There’s a huge disconnect between what brands are doing on site and how they’re leveraging that data in other marketing efforts," says Peter Machalek. Whether…

Will Instagram Stories Eclipse Snapchat’s Value to Festival Promoters?

By Milan Malivuk March 16, 2017
In August 2016, Instagram launched their Instagram Stories feature, which unsurprisingly mirrors the core offerings of Snapchat with a few minor twists. The new function…

What Your Music Festival Can Learn From a Beer Festival

By Milan Malivuk March 7, 2017
Utah Beer Festival, Left Hand Brewing's Hops and Hand Rails, and America On Tap have blazed the trail, I sat down with my colleague, Justin Moffatt, to…

10 Popular RFID Brand Activations for Sporting Events

By Milan Malivuk April 19, 2016
How to make better brand activations for sporting events? Solution: RFID Experiential initiatives open up a world of opportunities bridging digital technology and real-life experiences, providing…

Live Events Can't Ignore the Cashless Society

By Milan Malivuk April 27, 2015
World Payment Report prove what we’ve known for a while now; consumers no longer want to carry cash! It’s a sign that yet more festivals…
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