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13 Trade Show Booth Ideas for Maximum ROI in Event Marketing

By Tom Kacicki March 5, 2020
Are you exhibiting at a trade show or managing exhibitors? Trade shows provide companies with a unique, powerful opportunity to secure high-quality leads and customers,…

Watch How RFID Technology Powered the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games

By Milan Malivuk October 24, 2017
Intellitix partnered with the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games to integrate an effective RFID technology solution into their operation. "CrossFit came to us really with one…

4 Ways RFID Can Help Horse Racing Modernize and Make More Money

By Milan Malivuk August 16, 2017
Every live event vertical is developing and adapting to the changing digital landscape. Music festivals have been converting en masse to RFID systems, heralding in…

Scientists Have a Solution to Improve Event Line Lengths

By Milan Malivuk July 24, 2017
Belgian scientists Kurt Van Hautegem and Wouter Rogiest of Ghent University have discovered that the answer to improve event line lengths for bathrooms can be…

4 Ways That Boutique Festivals are Bringing Innovation to the Industry

By Milan Malivuk June 23, 2017
Production While lineups have stayed largely stagnant in many areas of the scene, the production standards have been continuously growing and evolving, transforming the look,…

4 Overlooked Advantages Vendors Should Really Know About Cashless Payments + VIDEO

By Milan Malivuk April 13, 2017
No Messy Transaction Cancellations Mean You Make What You Sell In the past, it was possible for credit card transactions to be made on site…
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