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Want an Engaging Event? Start with Audiovisuals

By Malik Anderson November 26, 2019
Audiovisuals is one of those things that isn’t fully appreciated until it’s gone. That isn’t to say that it’s overlooked, but that it’s tough to…

MASTERCLASS: Funktion One Founder on Getting the Most Out of Your Festival's Sound System

By Milan Malivuk July 14, 2017
The indicator of a well-run festival—whether large or small—is good sound. But each stage, each venue, each performing artist comes with their own set of…

4 Ways That Boutique Festivals are Bringing Innovation to the Industry

By Milan Malivuk June 23, 2017
Production While lineups have stayed largely stagnant in many areas of the scene, the production standards have been continuously growing and evolving, transforming the look,…

5 Things Every Festival Could Learn From EDC Las Vegas

By Milan Malivuk June 23, 2017
Anyone that has ever come through the tunnel and onto the Las Vegas Speedway during Electric Daisy Carnival will attest, there’s no festival in the…

Masterclass: Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting On What it Takes to Step Up Your Festival Production

By Milan Malivuk May 11, 2017
It’s not enough to have a lineup and some beer anymore. People need to be blown away. The bar has continued to move higher over the…
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