Intellitix acquires majority stake in “mobile-first” event platform, CrowdBlink

TORONTO, Ontario – Intellitix Technologies Inc., the company behind RFID access control and cashless payments technology used at Tomorrowland, BlizzCon, San Diego Comic-Con, and others, announced a majority-stake acquisition in CrowdBlink, a next generation event management platform.

The move comes as part of Intellitix’s effort to meet a market demand for lightweight event technology. CrowdBlink is already addressing this need with their all-in-one mobile platform, offering Ticketing, Access Control, and Cashless Payments. But it’s what CrowdBlink has in the works for their next phase of development that attracted the attention of Intellitix CEO Carlo Chiarello.

“I was very impressed with CrowdBlink,” said Carlo Chiarello. “They have an innovative product already, but once I saw what they had in their product roadmap I knew they were going to truly disrupt the industry.”

“We will now be benefiting from a proven team and a global infrastructure that powers thousands of events, which means CrowdBlink can now scale very rapidly,” Jeff Jessamine, President of CrowdBlink commented. “CrowdBlink will be taking full advantage of these resources and expertise as we develop the platform and pave the way for the next generation of event technology.” Jeff Jessamine will continue in his role as President of CrowdBlink.

About Intellitix:

Intellitix is the leading global provider of RFID access control, cashless payments, and experiential solutions for the world’s largest events. The Intellitix platform increases event revenue, secures events, and streamlines guest experiences. Intellitix has processed over $1 billion in cashless payments and improved the experience of over 40 million event attendees.

About CrowdBlink:

CrowdBlink is an all-in-one event ticketing, access control, cashless payments, and guest engagement technology. It’s deployed using mobile phones, RFID or NFC wristbands, or a combination.

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