9 Sponsorship Package Ideas for Your Event

Live events still have a leg up on digital marketing. How? In-person events provide companies with unique, unmatchable access to their target audience. Because of this unique audience opportunity, sponsors are willing to pay for parts of your event. But how do you secure sponsors? What do sponsors want? What should your sponsorship package feature?

In this guide, we’ll answer the above questions, and give you a few ideas to help you secure event sponsors with ideas for sponsorship packages.

What is sponsorship? 

Before you design your sponsorship opportunities, it’s important to understand what you are designing for. 

When you think of sponsorships what do you think of? Companies like Bud Light or Nike sponsoring the NFL? Sponsorships may sound simple, but underneath the surface, sponsorships are complicated, highly specialized forms of marketing and advertising to connect brands with potential customers

How do I find a sponsor?

Are you struggling to secure sponsorship for your event? You’re not alone. 

According to recent research, finding and securing event sponsors is the biggest challenge for event planners

And recently it has become worse, because sponsors are getting smarter. They know that customers are highly aware of constantly being targeted by ads, and that over time these customers develop “banner blindness” and learn to ignore ads. So today’s sponsors not only want to raise awareness for their brand, but more importantly these sponsors want to show attendees the value and solution their product solves for while also building long-lasting connections.  

3 Ingredients to a Perfect Sponsorship Package Pitch

To win over savvy sponsors, you will need an equally smart pitch that nails the following:

  1. A comprehensive description of your event that highlights your company’s goals. Why are you hosting this event? What do you hope to achieve with this event?  
  2. A list of reasons why your event is worth a particular sponsor’s time and resources. What is the demographic of your audience (e.g. gender, age, industry, etc.)?
  3. Sponsorship packages that are unique, engaging, and will help a sponsor reach and hold the attention of your audience.  

Knowing this, event planners must incorporate these three ingredients to sell and land today’s sponsors. In this post, you’ll find some unique and engaging ideas for your sponsorship packages that will not only appeal to a savvy sponsors’ needs, but also engage attendees. 

9 Popular Ideas for Your Sponsorship Packages in 2020

1. Entrance 

Every event has an entrance. Since all of your attendees will have to enter through this area, why not include entrances as a sponsorship option in your sponsorship packages?

Sponsors can decorate your event entrance with their logos, serve welcome drinks, give away branded swag, integrate “Instagrammable” backdrops, and so much more. This is an easy way for sponsors to ensure they reach and engage with your entire attendee audience, so reserve it only for the best. If you land an entrance sponsorship deal, make sure you involve your sponsors early on in the event organizing process to ensure they have time to develop their creative ideas! 

2. Ticketing & Badging

Whether you’re using an RFID wristband or a paper badge, ticketing and badging are a great opportunity for you to include your sponsor. You can incorporate your sponsor’s logo, colors, or tagline in an eye-catching way. Since every attendee will receive a badge or tickets, sponsors will be sure to love this package. 

3. VIP Areas

VIP areas are always appealing to attendees. Who doesn’t want to be apart of something exclusive? Using access control technology, sponsors could offer VIP themed areas that connect to the overall event while showing off their company’s products. These sponsored VIP areas will not only create buzz amongst attendees, but they will help sponsors form deep, meaningful relationships with their target audience

4. Event Wi-Fi

Does your event offer attendees free Wi-Fi? Chances are it does because Wi-Fi is essential for many event management technologies and many attendees expect to have free Wi-Fi at events. Instead of paying the venue for Wi-Fi consider offering sponsors the opportunity to give your attendees free Wi-Fi. 

If you think about the whole Wi-Fi set up there are three main areas that you can sell to your sponsors: the Wi-Fi name, the Wi-Fi password, and Wi-Fi password posters or stickers

Offering event Wi-Fi in your sponsorship packages is a unique, cheap way for brands to increase their visibility and recognition with attendees. 

5. Photo Booths

Photo booths are a great way for sponsors to get noticed by attendees, and also offer a lot of flexibility. Sponsors can brand the photo booth itself, but they can also incorporate their brand into the props, photo frames, and backdrops. Using RFID wristband technology, attendees will then scan their wristband, grab a branded prop, pose with the branded backdrop, and snap a photo. Sponsors can also capture the patron emails by offering to email the photos after.

6. Seating & Charging Stations

Events can be tiring, especially if they are days long. Chances are your attendees will look for a place to sit and rest their legs. Sponsors can provide lounges or seats for tired attendees to rest. To keep them there a little longer, sponsors can also include charging stations so their phones and legs can recharge. Sponsors can incorporate their branding into the seats, tables, and charging stations.  

7. Digital Scavenger Hunt

Using RFID wristbands, a mobile event app, or beacon technology, sponsors could create a scavenger hunt for attendees to play during the event. This scavenger hunt might require attendees to visit sponsorship locations, follow the sponsor on social media. Branded swag can be given to attendees who engaged with the sponsors the most.

8. Virtual Reality

Some event sponsors aim to demonstrate their products and their value immediately, but may have limitations when it comes to having the product directly at the event. For sponsors who can’t bring their product to your event, offer them the option of using virtual reality technology (e.g. VR headsets) to show off their product. Attendees can “try” products and engage with the brand in real-time. And because VR technology is not yet mainstream, attendees will be sure to remember your sponsor’s brand! 

9. Drink Stations

With all the exciting things you have planned for your event, your attendees are sure to work up a sweat. So why not offer free sponsored drink stations? These stations could feature water, juices, and/or coffee creations to keep your attendees buzzing. Your sponsors could brand these stations, give away branded, reusable cups, ask for an attendees’ email addresses in return for a free drink, and a lot more. 

Make Time To Find Sponsors Now 

With 6 of 10 sponsors looking for new partnerships, now is as great a time as any to start thinking about securing event sponsorships. With a few more ideas for event sponsorships under your belt, you should be well on your way to securing .

Interested in learning more about how you can secure an impressive event ROI in 2020? Or how you can wow sponsors and land partnerships with event technology? Schedule a free demo with us, the leading global provider of technology for the world’s biggest events today.

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