Access Control and Cashless Payment solutions in the remote and stunning location of Las Estacas aquatic park in Morelos, two-hours away from Mexico City.Taking place on February 20-21, 2016, Bahidorá features live music, art installations, and a host of interactive experiences sure to excite 5,000 campers on-site and over 9,000 guests total in attendance.With four swimming pools and half a mile of natural river flowing through the festival site, deploying a fully cashless environment ensures guests can enjoy the event worry-free without getting their cash and wallets wet. By pre-loading funds into their cashless account, guests benefit from the extreme convenience of making fast and secure purchases for food and drink with a simple double-tap of their waterproof RFID wristband.As the IntelliPay Cashless System operates with 100% uptime even in the most remote and open-air environments, Bahidorá guests will continue to party without any payment interruptions for more than 40 non-stop hours. Here’s to a fun-filled weekend, ¡Salud!Bahidora Cashless Bahidora Cashless Bahidora Cashless]]>

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