MASTERCLASS: StreetTeam Co-Founder Explains the Immense Value of Advocacy

By Tom Kacicki October 31, 2019
One thing that should never be forgotten in the event industry is that festivals are social gatherings for groups of people. Your event isn’t 50,000…

Masterclass: DPA’s Stefanie Jones on Effective Festival Harm Reduction

By Tom Kacicki October 3, 2019
When it comes to raising awareness about the broad conversation around festival harm reduction and drug safety, few people are as well versed as the…

Masterclass: Unified Command’s Chad Ladov on Improving Your Live Event Surveillance

By Milan Malivuk January 7, 2018
Event surveillance should be near the top of every organizers priority list, and having that ubiquitous perspective is essential for managing any mass gathering nowadays. It’s…

Masterclass: Dragon Con's Cherie Wren on Honing Your Event's Disability Access

By Milan Malivuk October 5, 2017
For those living without a disability, the hugely important and complex task of making a major event disability-friendly might go unnoticed. It can be very…

Masterclass: How to Get the Most Out of the Festival/Brand Relationship with Experiential Specialist Michael Ilves

By Milan Malivuk June 7, 2017
There was a time when the idea of corporate sponsorship for a concert or festival would have seemed absolutely horrifying. Back when rock ‘n’ roll…

Masterclass: Festival Marketing Guru Leon Hill on How to Immediately Step Up Your Social Game

By Milan Malivuk May 17, 2017
Leon Hill and his company We Know Festivals. The Reykjavik-based Aussie founded one of the first social media marketing companies in the world back in…

Masterclass: Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting On What it Takes to Step Up Your Festival Production

By Milan Malivuk May 11, 2017
It’s not enough to have a lineup and some beer anymore. People need to be blown away. The bar has continued to move higher over the…

MASTERCLASS: Everfest’s Eamon Armstrong on How to Build Communities at Festivals

By Milan Malivuk April 12, 2017
One crucial element that the world's most iconic and influential festivals share in common is the communities that they have built around the event. These…

MASTERCLASS: Decibel Founder Sean Horton on How to Throw an Inner City Festival

By Milan Malivuk April 7, 2017
Running a festival in a city is an entirely different beast than taking over a field in a rural area. The number of potential obstacles—ranging…

Masterclass: Lost Paradise’s Simon Beckingham On Selling Experiences and Why VIP is Dead

By Milan Malivuk March 8, 2017
The idea of the VIP has become a contentious one in recent years. Driven by a souring attitude towards wealth and exclusivity, and supported by…
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