5 Festivals With Prime Locations For the Total Solar Eclipse

By Milan Malivuk August 21, 2017
For stargazers, space enthusiasts and sun worshipping hippies alike, the August 21st total solar eclipse is one of the biggest events of the decade. In…

4 Ways RFID Can Help Horse Racing Modernize and Make More Money

By Milan Malivuk August 16, 2017
Every live event vertical is developing and adapting to the changing digital landscape. Music festivals have been converting en masse to RFID systems, heralding in…

5 Reasons Vendors Are Going Cashless at Events

By Milan Malivuk August 3, 2017
Over the past decade, cashless payment systems have become industry standard in the live events space. Whether you’re a promoter, vendor, or attendee, managing transactions…

How to Build a VIP Experience That Customers Will Keep Coming Back For

By Milan Malivuk August 1, 2017
Love it or loathe it, VIP is a vital and enduring aspect of the festival experience. Some more egalitarian promoters scoff at the notion that…

Scientists Have a Solution to Improve Event Line Lengths

By Milan Malivuk July 24, 2017
Belgian scientists Kurt Van Hautegem and Wouter Rogiest of Ghent University have discovered that the answer to improve event line lengths for bathrooms can be…

MASTERCLASS: Funktion One Founder on Getting the Most Out of Your Festival's Sound System

By Milan Malivuk July 14, 2017
The indicator of a well-run festival—whether large or small—is good sound. But each stage, each venue, each performing artist comes with their own set of…

London’s Wireless Festival Steps Up Security Due to Recent Terror Attacks

By Milan Malivuk July 7, 2017
Wireless Festival organizers have increased security at the advice of police, who are on high alert following recent terror attacks in London. “With the backdrop…

Live Event Promoters Take Note: Millennials Like Events With a “Stronger Moral Compass”

By Milan Malivuk June 30, 2017
The intense political climate in the United States is affecting every single area of life, and it would seem that the millennial generation is more…

4 Ways That Boutique Festivals are Bringing Innovation to the Industry

By Milan Malivuk June 23, 2017
Production While lineups have stayed largely stagnant in many areas of the scene, the production standards have been continuously growing and evolving, transforming the look,…

5 Things Every Festival Could Learn From EDC Las Vegas

By Milan Malivuk June 23, 2017
Anyone that has ever come through the tunnel and onto the Las Vegas Speedway during Electric Daisy Carnival will attest, there’s no festival in the…
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