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5 Things Everyone Hates About Festivals (And How You Can Avoid Them)

By Tom Kacicki February 26, 2020
Most festival attendees approach their big weekend expecting a perfect utopia of music, friends, food, and absolutely no hassle whatsoever. Rarely does it quite pan…

These 5 International Festival Brands Are Conquering Brazil

By Milan Malivuk November 9, 2017
Alongside awakening giants India, China and Southeast Asia, Brazil is the next major territory for globally inclined festival brands. With a burgeoning homegrown market and…

Masterclass: Dragon Con's Cherie Wren on Honing Your Event's Disability Access

By Milan Malivuk October 5, 2017
For those living without a disability, the hugely important and complex task of making a major event disability-friendly might go unnoticed. It can be very…

5 Things We Absolutely Loved About Atlanta's Dragon Con

By Milan Malivuk September 4, 2017
-- By Ross Gardiner, Contributor -- Now in its 31st year, Dragon Con in Atlanta is one of the premiere geek, sci-fi and fantasy culture…

5 Festivals With Prime Locations For the Total Solar Eclipse

By Milan Malivuk August 21, 2017
For stargazers, space enthusiasts and sun worshipping hippies alike, the August 21st total solar eclipse is one of the biggest events of the decade. In…

Scientists Have a Solution to Improve Event Line Lengths

By Milan Malivuk July 24, 2017
Belgian scientists Kurt Van Hautegem and Wouter Rogiest of Ghent University have discovered that the answer to improve event line lengths for bathrooms can be…

4 Ways That Boutique Festivals are Bringing Innovation to the Industry

By Milan Malivuk June 23, 2017
Production While lineups have stayed largely stagnant in many areas of the scene, the production standards have been continuously growing and evolving, transforming the look,…

5 Things Every Festival Could Learn From EDC Las Vegas

By Milan Malivuk June 23, 2017
Anyone that has ever come through the tunnel and onto the Las Vegas Speedway during Electric Daisy Carnival will attest, there’s no festival in the…

5 Reasons We Love Chicago Blues Festival

By Milan Malivuk June 12, 2017
The city of Chicago has one of the most thriving summer festival scenes in the United States. On any given weekend, neighborhoods will be brought…

5 Ways Lightning in a Bottle is Leading the Way for Sustainable Festivals

By Milan Malivuk June 2, 2017
Last weekend in central California, Lightning in a Bottle undertook its 12th edition. With approximately 20,000 people attending every year, LIB has become the centerpoint…
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