Canada’s Intellitix continues to lead RFID advancements in the live entertainment world2014 was the ‘turning point’ for cashless payments within the global live events market, with technology company, Intellitix announcing a twentyfold increase in cashless transactions compared to 2013.More than four million cashless transactions were made using Intellitix’s proprietary cashless payment system in the past 12 months, totalling more than $50 million US dollars in on-site spending, compared to two million dollars in 2013.“These figures represent a true shift in attitude towards cashless payments, both from event organizers and the public. We launched our cashless system in 2013 and to see this level of growth in such a short time proves that cashless truly is the way forward,” said Serge Grimaux, CEO, Intellitix. “The 2014 season has been a turning point for the technology, with some of the world’s biggest event organizers, sporting events and gastronomic events getting on board and embracing the benefits it can bring to them and their customers – from shorter queuing time if any to improved security and accountability, as well as the opportunity to access a wealth of data.”Grimaux continued, “We always knew that 2014 would be the year there would be a change in attitude, but these results have exceeded even our highest expectations. We are now in talks with some of the biggest events on the planet and we will continue increasing our reach in the coming year.”The figures were derived from more than 40 events in 10 countries, including England, Scotland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, the United States, Mexico, and Canada, where the company’s cashless payment and access control system were deployed. It was also announced in December that the live festival market in France will join the roster of full cashless events powered by Intellitix in 2015 with Garorock.At TomorrowWorld alone in September, more than 500,000 cashless transactions were completed in just three days. The ID&T-organized event in Atlanta, GA welcomed over 160,000 visitors – all issued with an RFID wristband, which became their sole method of access and payment.Simultaneously over the same weekend, Intellitix delivered the first all-encompassing RFID solution to a global sporting event at the 2014 Gleneagles Ryder Cup in Scotland, which attracted 500 million television viewers. Intellitix worked with event organizers and key partners to combine access control, cashless payment, and social media activations customized to each sponsored brand.Both TomorrowWorld and the 2014 Gleneagles Ryder Cup’s RFID deployment were executed without a hitch, demonstrating the scalability and robust capability of Intellitix’s secure systems.In early November, Intellitix’s cashless deployment at Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando, FL, also included handheld devices that made it possible for roaming vendors or ‘hawkers’ to increase on-site spending through cashless payment, delivering a fully immersive cashless experience to festival-goers and representing a very significant part of the overall amazing results.Other significant milestones for Intellitix included deploying the first fully cashless experience at festivals in the United States (Mysteryland), in Canada (Bud Light Digital Dreams), and in Mexico (Corona Capital), as well as Canada and the UK’s first fully cashless food festivals (Taste of Toronto and Taste of London Winter).About Intellitix Intellitix is a live entertainment innovation company and the leading global provider of RFID Access Control, Brand Amplification and Cashless Payment systems for live events. Since 2011 it has activated more than six million RFID tags. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and with offices in the UK, Central Europe, Mexico, Australia and USA, Intellitix technology cuts queues to a minimum and eradicates ticket fraud and unwanted resale. Intellitix’s proprietary software and fully integrated hardware has proved 100 per cent secure and reliable. The Intellitix platform more closely connects promoters and brands with their audience, and works with any existing ticketing system or partner. In 2014 alone, Intellitix deployed RFID solutions at festivals including Coachella and Bonnaroo (US), TomorrowLand (Belgium), Slottsfjell (Norway), Festival d’Été Quebec (Canada) and the 2014 Ryder Cup (Scotland), among many other highly reputable live events. Intellitix has worked with many major brands including Ford, Spotify, HTC, Sony, Gazprom, PlayStation, UniCredit, Adidas and Red Bull.]]>

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