13 Trade Show Booth Ideas for Maximum ROI in Event Marketing

By Tom Kacicki March 5, 2020
Are you exhibiting at a trade show or managing exhibitors? Trade shows provide companies with a unique, powerful opportunity to secure high-quality leads and customers,…

6 Music Festivals With Seriously Enviable Social Media

By Milan Malivuk February 13, 2020
Nowadays many festivals take the easy way out by using simple framed event shots with a ticket link for their social media. The real masters…

9 Sponsorship Package Ideas for Your Event

By Matas Pranckevicius February 6, 2020
Live events still have a leg up on digital marketing. How? In-person events provide companies with unique, unmatchable access to their target audience. Because of…

How Millennials Respond to Events That Take a Stand: The Data

By Matas Pranckevicius January 23, 2020
As we noted in our 2020 event trend roundup, event sustainability will continue to have a bigger influence in how events are organized and promoted…

Induce Event ‘FOMO’ Using Social Media

By Malik Anderson January 9, 2020
Events are highly effective tools that—when done right—can produce significant results. According to a study, 85 percent of attendees are more likely to make a…

Event Marketing: How To Structure a Festival Roll Out Campaign

By Tom Kacicki December 17, 2019
About a year or so ago, a handful of major dance music festivals were implementing event marketing tactics such as teasing their lineups out act…

Exposure! A Framework For Irresistible Event Marketing

By Matas Pranckevicius December 5, 2019
Imagine your toil for months to put on an event. You scout for talent, negotiate prices and book venues, build sets, stress about budgets and…

The 5 Proven Strategies to Increase Event Revenue

By Tom Kacicki November 7, 2019
The goal that's on every event producer's list - increase event revenue. As in the rest of the live business, technology is changing the way…

Best Event Marketing Tactics to Use in 2020

By Matas Pranckevicius October 31, 2019
You figured out the dates, you reserved the venue, you even have commitments from your line-up… NOW you’re left with the most difficult and most…

MASTERCLASS: StreetTeam Co-Founder Explains the Immense Value of Advocacy

By Tom Kacicki October 31, 2019
One thing that should never be forgotten in the event industry is that festivals are social gatherings for groups of people. Your event isn’t 50,000…
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