[Updated] 12 Engaging Brand Activation Ideas to Boost Event Sponsorship

By Milan Malivuk January 30, 2018
Michael Ilves, LA-based brand activation specialist that has worked with some of America's largest festival properties. The very best brand activations integrate seamlessly into the…

Why You Need a Winning Content Strategy For Your Activation

By Milan Malivuk December 29, 2017
You need to have a diverse content strategy for your activation. We all know that things move at a fiberoptic pace in the world of…

Gupta Media’s Joe Schlesinger on Using Tracking Pixels to Beef Up Your Target Marketing

By Milan Malivuk September 11, 2017
--Ross Gardiner, Intellitix Contributor-- Tracking pixels have quickly become an integral part of the personalized advertising era, and they are playing a particularly crucial role…

4 Novel Ways To Convert Those Food and Drink Samples into Loyal Customers

By Milan Malivuk August 8, 2017
By Ross Gardiner The average food and drink festival goer is someone that takes their culinary engagement very seriously, but after a long day of…

Why You Should Absolutely Integrate Live Streaming Into Your Festival

By Milan Malivuk July 17, 2017
For some festival promoters, the idea of trying to build an audience in living rooms around the world will seem like the antithesis of what…

Live Event Promoters Take Note: Millennials Like Events With a “Stronger Moral Compass”

By Milan Malivuk June 30, 2017
The intense political climate in the United States is affecting every single area of life, and it would seem that the millennial generation is more…

How This Boutique Festival Increased Early Bird Sales by Over 300%

By Milan Malivuk June 27, 2017
Last year, Billboard reported that 32 million people attend at least one music festival per year, and that 51 percent of Americans attended a live…

Terror scare at Rock am Ring caused by spelling error

By Milan Malivuk June 16, 2017
Rock am Ring was actually the result of a simple typo, police revealed in a recent statement. German police ordered a full evacuation of Rock…

On the Road Again: How Mobile Experiential Marketing Can Build Brand Loyalty

By Milan Malivuk June 9, 2017
MRA. MRA is in the business of providing mobile experiential opportunities to brands who want to truly connect with their consumers. And it’s working. Their…

WATCH NOW: Digital Marketing for Festivals Webinar Featuring Leon Hill

By Milan Malivuk June 2, 2017
We Know Festivals. Hill is credited with creating marketing campaigns for some of the world's most unique festivals including Australia's Lost Paradise, Iceland's Secret Solstice,…
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