Know Your Customer: Capture the Data that Matters

By Tom Kacicki June 26, 2019
Most customer data-collection efforts are based on the information they give you. It’s valuable to be sure, but it’s not 100% trustworthy because you have…

4 Insights to Improve Your Sporting Event Fan Data

By Milan Malivuk July 10, 2018
Billy Beane’s pioneering focus on sabermetrics with the Oakland Athletics opened many Americans' eyes to the power of data analysis in the world of sports.…

Watch How RFID Technology Powered the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games

By Milan Malivuk October 24, 2017
Intellitix partnered with the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games to integrate an effective RFID technology solution into their operation. "CrossFit came to us really with one…

Live Event Streaming to Contribute $7.4B by 2021

By Milan Malivuk October 17, 2017
PwC, live music and streaming services combine to account for 73% of the US music industry's annual revenue. The report detailed an "insatiable appetite" amongst…

Gupta Media’s Joe Schlesinger on Using Tracking Pixels to Beef Up Your Target Marketing

By Milan Malivuk September 11, 2017
--Ross Gardiner, Intellitix Contributor-- Tracking pixels have quickly become an integral part of the personalized advertising era, and they are playing a particularly crucial role…

This Minor Change Greatly Affected the Event App Industry

By Milan Malivuk August 25, 2017
For both brands and ticket-buyers, customer experience during the event is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any festival. But increasingly, the digital world is…

5 Reasons Vendors Are Going Cashless at Events

By Milan Malivuk August 3, 2017
Over the past decade, cashless payment systems have become industry standard in the live events space. Whether you’re a promoter, vendor, or attendee, managing transactions…

Waco Hoover Talks XLIVE, Big Data, and Industry Trends

By Milan Malivuk July 7, 2017
Festival industry conferences have grown into a driving force of innovation within the event space over the past decade. From IMS to EDMBiz and heavyweight…

Food, Wine, and Beer Festivals Drive Leisure Travel

By Milan Malivuk June 23, 2017
• In the US alone, there are 7,500 beer festivals • 80% of millennials surveyed said they attended three or more food, wine, or beer…

Umbel’s Dave Cedrone Tells You What To Do With All That Data

By Milan Malivuk May 19, 2017
Remember all that data that you’ve got in those .xlsx files, laying in a sad, discarded heap in a Dropbox folder somewhere? You were hit…
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