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How Esports Gaming Tournaments Can Improve Security

By Milan Malivuk August 29, 2018
The Esports industry was shaken as news broke that there had been a mass shooting at a gaming tournament in Florida on Sunday, August 26th.…

Masterclass: Drug Policy Alliance's Stefanie Jones on Effective Festival Harm Reduction

By Milan Malivuk December 28, 2017
When it comes to raising awareness about the broad conversation around festival harm reduction and drug safety, few people are as well versed as the…

These 5 International Festival Brands Are Conquering Brazil

By Milan Malivuk November 9, 2017
Alongside awakening giants India, China and Southeast Asia, Brazil is the next major territory for globally inclined festival brands. With a burgeoning homegrown market and…

5 Things Everyone Hates About Festivals (And How You Can Avoid Them)

By Milan Malivuk November 2, 2017
Most festival attendees approach their big weekend expecting a perfect utopia of music, friends, food, and absolutely no hassles whatsoever. Rarely does it quite pan…

How RFID Technology is Improving Fan Expos

By Milan Malivuk October 27, 2017
Cons have been gradually catching up to the major advances in event technology, adapting some of the best practices from fellow large-scale events like major…

Watch How RFID Technology Powered the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games

By Milan Malivuk October 24, 2017
Intellitix partnered with the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games to integrate an effective RFID technology solution into their operation. "CrossFit came to us really with one…

5 Things We Absolutely Loved About Atlanta's Dragon Con

By Milan Malivuk September 4, 2017
-- By Ross Gardiner, Contributor -- Now in its 31st year, Dragon Con in Atlanta is one of the premiere geek, sci-fi and fantasy culture…

4 Ways RFID Can Help Horse Racing Modernize and Make More Money

By Milan Malivuk August 16, 2017
Every live event vertical is developing and adapting to the changing digital landscape. Music festivals have been converting en masse to RFID systems, heralding in…

5 Reasons Vendors Are Going Cashless at Events

By Milan Malivuk August 3, 2017
Over the past decade, cashless payment systems have become industry standard in the live events space. Whether you’re a promoter, vendor, or attendee, managing transactions…

How to Build a VIP Experience That Customers Will Keep Coming Back For

By Milan Malivuk August 1, 2017
Love it or loathe it, VIP is a vital and enduring aspect of the festival experience. Some more egalitarian promoters scoff at the notion that…
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