13 Trade Show Booth Ideas for Maximum ROI in Event Marketing

By Tom Kacicki March 5, 2020
Are you exhibiting at a trade show or managing exhibitors? Trade shows provide companies with a unique, powerful opportunity to secure high-quality leads and customers,…

9 Sponsorship Package Ideas for Your Event

By Matas Pranckevicius February 6, 2020
Live events still have a leg up on digital marketing. How? In-person events provide companies with unique, unmatchable access to their target audience. Because of…

10 Popular RFID Brand Activation Ideas for Sporting Events

By Tom Kacicki November 18, 2019
How to make better brand activations for sporting events? RFID Experiential initiatives open up a world of opportunities bridging digital technology and real-life experiences, providing engaging…

Social Media Activation: 5 Tips for the Perfect Branded Experience

By Tom Kacicki September 26, 2019
Music festivals take place online as much as they do in grassy fields or huge arenas. The major, institutional festival brands—Coachella, Bonnaroo, SXSW—are cultural events…

On the Road Again: How Mobile Experiential Marketing Can Build Brand Loyalty

By Tom Kacicki September 11, 2019
MRA is in the business of providing mobile experiential marketing opportunities to brands who want to truly connect with their consumers. And it’s working. Their…

6 Easy Ways to Get More From Your On-Site Brand Activations

By Tom Kacicki August 21, 2019
Events are vital to any brand's marketing activities. Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness or looking to generate new customers, you know you have…

Why You Should Integrate Live Streaming at Your Festival

By Tom Kacicki August 8, 2019
For some festival promoters, the idea of trying to build an audience in living rooms around the world with live streaming will seem like the…

Why You Need a Winning Content Strategy For Your Brand Activations

By Tom Kacicki July 25, 2019
You need to have a diverse content strategy for your brand activations. We all know that things move at a fiberoptic pace in the world…

[Updated] 12 Engaging Brand Activation Ideas to Boost Event Sponsorship

By Milan Malivuk January 30, 2018
Michael Ilves, LA-based brand activation specialist that has worked with some of America's largest festival properties. The very best brand activations integrate seamlessly into the…

5 Reasons We Love Chicago Blues Festival

By Milan Malivuk June 12, 2017
The city of Chicago has one of the most thriving summer festival scenes in the United States. On any given weekend, neighborhoods will be brought…
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