Introducing CrowdBlink Protect, COVID-19 screening for businesses and events

By Carlo Chiarello May 26, 2020
In the immediate response to COVID-19, we’ve seen industries rapidly re-tool to help the fight against COVID-19, whether it was breweries switching to producing hand…

5 Things Everyone Hates About Festivals (And How You Can Avoid Them)

By Tom Kacicki February 26, 2020
Most festival attendees approach their big weekend expecting a perfect utopia of music, friends, food, and absolutely no hassle whatsoever. Rarely does it quite pan…

11 Best Live Streaming Apps for Events in 2020

By Matas Pranckevicius February 20, 2020
Whether you’re streaming music festivals, conventions, sporting events, or other types of events, streams have become a popular add-on at events in recent years. Why?…

How Millennials Respond to Events That Take a Stand: The Data

By Matas Pranckevicius January 23, 2020
As we noted in our 2020 event trend roundup, event sustainability will continue to have a bigger influence in how events are organized and promoted…

Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost For EVENTS: Free Template

By Matas Pranckevicius January 9, 2020
Below, we'll give you everything you need to calculate your customer acquisition costs, and how they impact your event. But first, why does this calculation…

Want an Engaging Event? Start with Audiovisuals

By Malik Anderson November 26, 2019
Audiovisuals is one of those things that isn’t fully appreciated until it’s gone. That isn’t to say that it’s overlooked, but that it’s tough to…

How to Eliminate Ticket Fraud With RFID Access Control

By Tom Kacicki November 23, 2019
Did you know that 80 percent of concert attendees feel ripped off by scalpers? Or that 52 percent of people feel like it's difficult to…

What You Need to Know About Ticket Fraud at Festivals

By Tom Kacicki October 9, 2019
Ticket fraud at festivals is costing fans millions of hard-earned dollars in losses, and in today’s market, digital tickets have become an integral part of…

Unique Ways to Incorporate RFID Wristbands Into Your Next Event

By Tom Kacicki October 3, 2019
Event planners are always looking for creative new ways to optimize attendee engagement without sacrificing event ROI. Luckily, event technology, specifically RFID wristbands can help…

Masterclass: DPA’s Stefanie Jones on Effective Festival Harm Reduction

By Tom Kacicki October 3, 2019
When it comes to raising awareness about the broad conversation around festival harm reduction and drug safety, few people are as well versed as the…
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