What You Need to Know About Ticket Fraud at Festivals

By Tom Kacicki October 9, 2019
Ticket fraud at festivals is costing fans millions of hard-earned dollars in losses, and in today’s market, digital tickets have become an integral part of…

Unique Ways to Incorporate RFID Wristbands Into Your Next Event

By Tom Kacicki October 3, 2019
Event planners are always looking for creative new ways to optimize attendee engagement without sacrificing event ROI. Luckily, event technology, specifically RFID wristbands can help…

Masterclass: DPA’s Stefanie Jones on Effective Festival Harm Reduction

By Tom Kacicki October 3, 2019
When it comes to raising awareness about the broad conversation around festival harm reduction and drug safety, few people are as well versed as the…

What Makes Fans Frustrated?

By Victoria Rohrer September 26, 2019
The global live event industry is continually growing and event producers are always on the lookout for new ways to improve the fan experience. Sometimes…

Who are Your Fans? Our Research has the Answer

By Victoria Rohrer September 12, 2019
As the global live event industry continues to evolve exponentially, event producers are looking for innovative ways to deliver a better guest experience and grow…

How to Build a VIP Experience That Fans Will Keep Coming Back for

By Tom Kacicki September 4, 2019
Love it or loathe it, VIP is a vital and enduring aspect of the festival experience. Some more egalitarian promoters scoff at the notion that…

3 Lessons Learned From the Final Report of the 2017 Las Vegas Shooting

By Hannah Weiner August 15, 2019
In October of 2017, a gunman opened fire on a concert attended by over 22,000 people. From the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort…

From the Experts: Making Volunteers the Lifeblood of Your Festival

By Milan Malivuk July 17, 2019
Most festivals use some mix of professional staff and volunteer workers to run their event. Finding the right balance between professional and volunteer staff depends…

How to Create Safer Events with Crowd Management

By Hannah Weiner July 11, 2019
Crowd management is, in essence, about the health and safety of everyone at the event. Stuffed audiences, disorganized crowd movement, and long wait times for…

Former-NFL SVP Jeffrey Miller Talks About Fortifying Event Security With Access Control

By Milan Malivuk February 6, 2018
It’s safe to say that few people in the world are better at improving event security than Jeffrey Miller. After almost 25 years in the…
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