The 5 Proven Strategies to Increase Event Revenue

By Tom Kacicki November 7, 2019
The goal that's on every event producer's list - increase event revenue. As in the rest of the live business, technology is changing the way…

Why You Should Use Cashless Payments at Your Next Event

By Tom Kacicki November 7, 2019
Cashless payments through RFID wearable technology has become immersed not only into people’s everyday lives (think Apple Pay) but also in events. Why? Because cashless…

The Power of Experiential Events

By Tom Kacicki October 24, 2019
Did you know that 98 percent of event attendees are more likely to purchase a company’s product after an experiential event? Or that 93 percent…

Event Data: How Much Fans Spend at Events

By Victoria Rohrer October 10, 2019
Fans spend a lot of money when going to events, but how much is the question. The global live event industry is exponentially growing and…

What You Need to Know About Ticket Fraud at Festivals

By Tom Kacicki October 9, 2019
Ticket fraud at festivals is costing fans millions of hard-earned dollars in losses, and in today’s market, digital tickets have become an integral part of…

Unique Ways to Incorporate RFID Wristbands Into Your Next Event

By Tom Kacicki October 3, 2019
Event planners are always looking for creative new ways to optimize attendee engagement without sacrificing event ROI. Luckily, event technology, specifically RFID wristbands can help…

Social Media Activation: 5 Tips for the Perfect Branded Experience

By Tom Kacicki September 26, 2019
Music festivals take place online as much as they do in grassy fields or huge arenas. The major, institutional festival brands—Coachella, Bonnaroo, SXSW—are cultural events…

What Makes Fans Frustrated?

By Victoria Rohrer September 26, 2019
The global live event industry is continually growing and event producers are always on the lookout for new ways to improve the fan experience. Sometimes…

4 Insights to Improve Your Sporting Event Fan Data

By Tom Kacicki September 16, 2019
Billy Beane’s pioneering focus on sabermetrics with the Oakland Athletics opened many Americans' eyes to the power of data analysis in the world of sports.…

How to Increase Profits with RFID Technology

By Tom Kacicki September 16, 2019
Events are expensive. With 22% of the average total event budget ranging from two to five million dollars, event planners are constantly trying to find…
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