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Terror scare at Rock am Ring caused by spelling error

By Milan Malivuk June 16, 2017
Rock am Ring was actually the result of a simple typo, police revealed in a recent statement. German police ordered a full evacuation of Rock…

5 Reasons We Love Chicago Blues Festival

By Milan Malivuk June 12, 2017
The city of Chicago has one of the most thriving summer festival scenes in the United States. On any given weekend, neighborhoods will be brought…

IMS Releases Annual Electronic Music Business Report, EDM Still Big Draw For Festivals

By Milan Malivuk June 2, 2017
Last week marked the 10th anniversary of the International Music Summit (IMS), an annual symposium in Ibiza with electronic music industry biggest players. The event…

More Than Music: How to Market a Destination Music Festival

By Milan Malivuk May 19, 2017
"Every festival has a huge lineup these days, and when you’re competing with somewhere like Ibiza, which hosts every big DJ in the world every…

Aloompa Co-Founder Drew Burchfield Explains the Real Reasons Why Festivals Should Have Apps

By Milan Malivuk May 11, 2017
Aloompa is blazing this trail. Founded in 2009 by young entrepreneurs Drew Burchfield, Kurt Nelson, and Tyler Seymour, Aloompa was developed in reaction to the…

10 Summer Fests We're Hyped About

By Milan Malivuk May 5, 2017
We’ve barely just recovered from last year’s festival season, but considering how quickly this year’s players are approaching, it’s time to buckle up. As the…

MASTERCLASS: StreetTeam Co-Founder Explains the Immense Value in Turning Fans into Advocates

By Milan Malivuk May 2, 2017
One thing that should never be forgotten in the event industry is that festivals are social gatherings for groups of people. Your event isn’t 50,000…

7 Festivals with an Eco-Friendly Focus

By Milan Malivuk April 27, 2017
horrifying photographs after Glastonbury (whose organizers should be praised for their efforts; the crowd, not so much), the earth looking like a landfill reserved only for…

MASTERCLASS: Everfest’s Eamon Armstrong on How to Build Communities at Festivals

By Milan Malivuk April 12, 2017
One crucial element that the world's most iconic and influential festivals share in common is the communities that they have built around the event. These…

MASTERCLASS: Decibel Founder Sean Horton on How to Throw an Inner City Festival

By Milan Malivuk April 7, 2017
Running a festival in a city is an entirely different beast than taking over a field in a rural area. The number of potential obstacles—ranging…
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